Problem Solving Therapy for Bi-polar

Coping with the consequences of having bi-polar disorder can be quite a challenge to anyone. For instance, some individuals with bi-polar disorder spend large sums of money during their manic phase. The fallout from the spending can be devastating, and would be for individuals who are not diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. This is just one example of a problem individuals with bi-polar disorder might face. Given this an approach of problem solving therapy for bipolar patients can be advantageous.

Overcoming Personal Crisis

It can seem as if your world has been turned over in a flash of a second when crisis hits. Depending on the situation, overcoming personal crisis often takes strength, courage, support, patience (with yourself), and at time monetary resources. Whatever the situation that has arisen, divorce, death of a loved one, loss of employment, disability, there are some steps you can take that are universal in helping.

Conflict Therapy

There are many things that can bring us stress. In essence, anything that causes us to change our behavior in one way or another; be it towards a positive end or not can cause us to experience. A more precise way of stating this is that change IS stress. When we compound the stress causing changes from one life with the lives of other conflict often ensues. It is this stress raised from conflict that can often necessitate the help that Conflict Therapy can provide.

Conflict Therapy, as alluded to above is the therapeutic practice of helping groups of people resolve conflict in an attempt to reach mutually beneficial ends and mitigate stress. It is important to note that both of these components need to be present in order for the Conflict Therapy to have been successful. For example, if the Conflict Therapy sessions resolve the conflict but doesn’t handle any festering residual feelings between members of the group, then it would not be uncommon for the original problem to reemerge.

Conflict Therapy can be employed by any size group, and in any number of scenarios. Conflict Therapy, in one form or another, has been successfully used for couples, families, and other socially related people. It has also found a lot of application in professional environments, such as between co-workers or large assemblies of people within an organization. Anywhere where there are two or more parties with a conflict, yet amicable enough to seek outside help, Conflict Therapy has a place. The key to this last statement is the amicability among group members within the conflict; for without this initial starting point of willingness to participate in reaching a positive resolution, no Conflict Therapy in the world will help.


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